Hi, my name is Andrew Godwin.

I'm an IT Professional.
I do software development - testing - technical support and more...

About Me

Ideally, I have the engineering flavour of a software developer; the quality mindset of a QA engineer and the empathy of a Support Specialist. I am passionate about software engineering, testing and support.

As a Software Developer, I love writing codes to solve problems and have done so for over 6,000 hours in the past 12 years.

Finding bugs, for me as a Software Tester, is fun and I love using automated software testing tools to automate repetitive testable use cases, providing detailed reproducible steps and performing scheduled regression/sanity tests.

And as a Google trained professional IT Supporrt Specialist; I analyze systems, debugging, troubleshooting and providing technical support & documentation to end users, my team and business managers.

My typical clients include small businesses and startups, corporations, non-profit organizations and private agencies.

When I'm not working, I enjoy beach picnicking with family and friends. Or you find me volunteering, (with my spare time), at Blessed Fruit Foundation for widows and orphans.

Core Competencies:

Software Engineering, QA & Testing, Technical Support.

Technical Skills:
C, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Bash87%
MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle85%
UNIX/Linux, Windows, Mac95%
Test Unit, Selenium WebDriver, Espresso, Postman85%
Git, Github, Cloud (ASW/Azure/Google)85%

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Avd. Bruselas, Alcobendas, Madrid

+34 722460710

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